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Daily Program

A day at Kindy is designed to enhance the children’s whole development and we use The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING as a framework for our programming. Children of this age learn through PLAY with hands on child directed time being the focus.

There is time each day for the children to freely explore carefully planned experiences set up by the educator inside and outdoors. These include art, craft, construction, dramatic play, water and sand play, climbing, games and puzzles. There are also times set aside for educator directed groups including music, story reading, experimenting, drama, maths, cooking and language experiences. The program is based on the children’s strengths and interests and changes regularly to meet the childrens’ ongoing developmental needs.

Information is provided to parents personally and regularly through our online app, Storypark and includes weekly updates and information about children’s learning and development as it occurs. Throughout the classroom we display the many different learning experiences that the children have been involved in. Parents are encouraged to provide feedback to educators in person or via the app.

At the end of the year parents can download a copy of their child’s electronic journal which has tracked their development throughout the year.