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Statement of Philosophy

We acknowledge the holistic nature of children’s learning and believe children are active and competent learners participating in the early childhood environment. We respect their cultural and linguistic identities and this is reflected in the centre. Children are eager to learn and learn through play, we believe in scheduling the day to support flow in learning and to reflect the equal importance of indoor and outdoor learning. We program to include routines and structure within freedom. Children’s individual needs are catered for including additional needs. All children are valued for who they are and what they bring to the centre.

We support the families within the centre valuing and encouraging dialogue with parents and care givers. We collaborate with families, share planning, monitoring and assessment practices encouraging a partnership based on belonging and inclusion. We respect and learn about families cultural and language beliefs and share decision making while also acknowledging their right to make decisions about their children. We acknowledge that families move between classes in their time here and we have developed consistent ways of communicating what we do with families in order to make these transitions smooth.

As educators we are respectful and are open and flexible in our thinking. We aim to develop a relationship with all children and families based on trust and understanding. We provide physical and emotional warmth to the children and focus on the positive. We assist the children in developing self-help skills and foster independence in readiness for school. We practice intentional teaching and utilise teachable moments as an important part of the curriculum. We place quality interaction with the children as a higher priority than excessive documentation. We trust, respect and are honest with each other as educators and provide support to each other. We share and build knowledge within a culture of continual reflection.

We believe in strength in community and actively maintain accessibility and affordability.  We are responsive to the community and promote community understanding of how children learn. We receive support from the community and are therefore resource thoughtful within the centre. We work with the children to help them understand their shared responsibilities to the larger community. We connect with people, services and agencies within communities to enhance children’s health and well-being.

Reflection is an important part of what we do and is carried out as part of our day between staff teams, committees and staff, with parents, and as a whole staff team at regular staff meetings. It is used to drive what we do every day, changes in the centre over longer periods including changes to the physical environment, and to plan staff development as a team and personal professional development.

We acknowledge the indigenous people who were custodians of the land before us and actively promote an interest and understanding in the children about aboriginal culture and languages to foster a true sense of equality between the people of this land.  We have a focus on sustainability and believe teaching children about the ecosystem we live in will promote a desire in them to protect our environment, its plants and animals. We include sustainable practices which are measurable and explain to the children why they are in place.

As a reflection of these beliefs families are welcome in the centre any time and will see children participating in a variety of play experiences using open ended provisions guided by educators watching play and listening carefully to children, providing assistance and materials when needed. They will see evidence of past learning experiences. They may see educators and other professionals facilitating the participation of children with additional needs with all children being part of this learning. They may see parents working alongside educators in many and varied ways. They will feel the warm relationships, see happy and relaxed children, and sense the collaboration between children, families and educators and the feeling of belonging.