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Department of Education and Communities

The department advisor’s role is to advise and support staff and assist in kindergarten matters ensuring we meet with all Government guidelines and standards.

Most policies are available to read outside each classroom and a more comprehensive Policy Folder is available to look at in the office.

Rest time

The children can choose to have a rest in the afternoon on our kindy cots.  Children bring cot sheets to kindy if they need a rest.  Rest time cot sheets (as previously described) need to be sent at the beginning of the week and taken home on your child’s last day in the week.

Sun Safety Policy

Children will be required to wear their Kindy hat every day when playing outside to protect their face, neck and ears.

Clothes should cover the children’s backs and shoulders and sun screen should be applied before children come to Kindy. Our program allows for outdoor play during the cooler parts of the day.

Multicultural policy

Our kindergarten recognises Australia as a multicultural society, where different ethnic groups co-exist harmoniously, free to maintain their language, religious beliefs and social customs and recognising that everyone is equal. Our centre follows an anti-bias curriculum and emphasises the importance of similarities as well as differences.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the program, sharing aspects of their culture, including celebrations, food, dance, craft and language.

The Kindy will use multicultural, non-stereotypical resources including dolls, puzzles, books, songs, posters, costumes and utensils.


Staff will use a positive approach to guide and encourage children towards acceptable behaviour. No physical punishment of any kind will be permitted. Limits will be set and children reminded of them as necessary. Children will be presented with clear alternatives to help develop their ability to make decisions and exercise self-control. If necessary staff will remove a child from the situation until he/she has settled down and is able to return the activity. Staff will have realistic expectations and will use positive, clear and developmentally appropriate language. Staff will model empathy and encourage children to empathise with others.

Healthy eating

The Kindergarten encourages parents to provide nutritional foods. Time will be made for morning tea and lunch throughout the day. Children will be required to wash hands before eating. Staff will ensure children do not share food or utensils.

We are a NUT FREE KINDERGARTEN. No nuts or food with nuts as an ingredient are to be brought into the centre.

The children’s food is refrigerated so any healthy food is OK to send including dairy and cold meat. Please do not send chips, lollies, soft drink, chocolate biscuits or rollups.

Child abuse policy

Staff are obliged to report suspected child abuse to the Department of Family and Community Services, without notification to parents. All concerns will be kept strictly confidential.

Aboriginal culture policy

The Kindy will provide children with positive awareness, access to information and appreciation of Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal people will be invited into the centre to share aspects of their culture.

Library policy

Children will borrow a book from Kindy on a weekly basis. The teacher will notify you which day is library day in your class. Please send a library bag as previously described. Please look after our books at home. If books are damaged or lost the parents will be asked to replace them.

Emergency evacuation


North Epping Public School Phone 9876 5254 (in case of internal threat e.g. fire in the centre).

Epping Public School Phone 9876 1452 (in case of external threat e.g. bushfire, chemical spill etc in the area).

Our mobile number is 0417 691 184 in case of emergencies.